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Socks - Wirehair
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Our Board of Directors

"Molly Dolly" Dachshund CEO"Molly Dolly"
Dachshund CEO

Ann Stout
President and Senior Dachshund Lover

Jonathan Stout

Ashley and Brittany Stout
Junior Dachshund Assistants

Welcome to Dachshund Treasures.† We are your "ONE STOP VIRTUAL SHOP" for the latest in unique dachshund merchandise.††Dachshund Treasures was created in 2001 and has been growing in leaps and bounds ever since.† We hope that you enjoy our website as it is created especially for all doxie lovers who share the same passion that we do.

The Dachshund Rainbow BridgeOur devotion to dachshunds spans over 30 years when that first dachshund puppy, Nikki, was brought into our humble home. You know, the puppy who tugged at our shoelaces and then at our heart strings.

Of course, one dachshund was not enough, and a year later along came Chips (Nikkiís sidekick and partner in crime). Their lifespan stretched over 16 years and was one of the most memorable times of our lives.

This catalog is dedicated to our "first children" shown in the picture.† Since Nikki and Chips have passed on to the pearly gates of "Doxie Heaven", otherwise known as "The Dachshund Rainbow Bridge", there have been 9 dachshund predecessors all with their own individual antics and personalities.

Dachshund Treasure Family

We unexpectedly lost our beloved sweet Mitzi a/k/a M'Bear, (pictured on the right), this past September.† She was only 13.† We will miss her dearly.

Today, our family consists of:

Molly (age 13), our Red Longhair, and Miss Personality Plus
Cassie (age 8), a Chocolate/Tan Longhair who "thinks" she is always in charge
Belle (age 6), a Black/Tan Longhair who is as sweet as can be
Baron (9 years), a Red Smooth and a major toy hog!

Dachshund Treasure Extended FamilyThen, there is Cooper (age 11), our goofy Golden, and Willow (age 8), Carter (age 7) and Sadie (18 months) our three loving Vizslas (funny looking dachshunds, aren't they?)

Oh, and don't forget our 3 cats, 2 birds and fish!† You might say that we have quite a ZOO!!!

"Molly Dolly" was unanimously elected to act as the Dachshund Chief Executive Officer for DACHSHUND TREASURES since she has always ruled the roost. She is the overseer of all dachshund merchandise that is offered in our virtual catalog.

Mollyís Board of Directors consists of Ann Stout, Senior Dachshund Lover and second in charge, Ashley and Brittany, the Junior Doxie Assistants, and Jonathan, our Webmaster, wonderful husband and father of all mentioned above.

Dachshund Treasure Board of DirectorsUpon your dachshund catalog browsing, if you donít find what youíre looking for, please let us know - we will try to locate it for you.† Have a new dachshund product or idea to market? - Let us hear from you. We can help you get the word out.

It is a pleasure to share our dachshund website with you - dachshunds give love that will last forever and can be quite habit forming. That is why humans are "owned by dachshunds" and one dachshund is never enough!† Are we right????†

Happy Dachshund Treasures finding!

Ann Stout, Senior Dachshund Lover